About Me

My love for taking photos started when my dad had an American car back in the early 80’s, we would drive in convoy with lots of other American cars around the beaches of Devon and I started to take photos of all the cars lined up with their bonnets open. I must say I have moved on massively since then and become a bit more feminine in what I love to photograph!

I photographed my first wedding back in the mid 90’s before I started my photography degree. I shot it in black and white film and it’s been a while since I’ve looked at those, but the couple loved the pictures which were informal, relaxed and captured the essence of their small and intimate wedding.

I guess that is when I got hooked and why I continue to photograph weddings almost twenty years later. Although weddings have moved on massively since then, with folk being able to get married almost anywhere, the fundamental reason people get married is still there ~ the love.

This for me is why I photograph weddings, to be able to capture the love so couples can look back on their photography and still feel that connection to the love they had when they got married. I still get teary eyed at some weddings!

I live with my boyfriend Pete, we have 21 sheep and 19 pigs. I love to go walking in the hills with my camera getting landscapes of the moors. I love to travel and see new places, meet new people, see into buildings I’ve not visited before. My favourite meal is roast dinners and I love a pint!

As well as continuing to photograph weddings through the years I am also a commercial and event photographer across the UK. Both of these types of photography are very different but they help me to access a diversity of photographic skills and styles that give me a creative and dynamic outlook in both wedding photography and commercial photography.

I want to get to know you, find out how your love story came about and what you both dream about for your future together. Please get in touch and tell me your story.

As a girl growing up in little place called Plympton in Devon I am now very at home in Glossop, Derbyshire, surrounded by the moorland and hills. 

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My Approach

I want to get to know you both as a couple. Sit down with you and find out what you want from your wedding day, not only the plans for it, but the essence of what you’re trying to create. You may be going for a DIY wedding with lots of details that are made by you, or you may be hiring people to organise and plan those details for you.

I love finding out who will be there and what we need to consider, for example your grandparents may need to sit down for most of it, so we can plan together how best to accommodate everyone present. The more planning ahead the better on the day you will feel as we’ll all know what’s next.

Get in touch and tell me your plans.

My style of photography has a very relaxed and natural feel to it. Getting to know you helps to create this, as often many couples comment that I’ve seemed like an extra friend or guest at their wedding. This is what enables me to get the shots that really enable a couple in love to shine through.

As I’ve said before ~ it’s all about capturing the love between two people and capturing both of you as you stand in front of all of your nearest and dearest.

I photograph in colour but I do offer black and white photography as part of every package as I love how classic and timeless it looks regardless of date or venue. Black and white photography also enables the characters and people to be the main focus.

If you’d welcome some support and guidance on planning your wedding I have articles to share with you in my Wedding Planning Guides section, or visit my Galleries Page to look through my photos. If you want to find out what my couples have written about me please visit my Testimonials page. Please visit my Featured Weddings  page for more pics and wedding ideas.