7 First Dance Ideas

The first dance between the bride and groom is a beautiful moment for everyone. It marks the start of their life together as man and wife. With this in mind, it’s important to make it perfect for yourselves – whether that’s keeping it classic, or adding some personality in along the way. Here’s 7 first dance ideas to get you started:

  1. Make it special: Every couple seems to have ‘their song’, so have the band play an acoustic version for your first dance. Or help them prepare a 3 minute medley of your favourite songs to create a beautifully nostalgic moment, bringing back memories from different parts of the relationship.
  2. Take a Dance Class Not only does taking a dance class help you feel a little more confident about getting up in front of your new family to dance, it also allows you to experiment a little by choosing a genre and style of dance you want to perform. Not only that, but a dance class is a great way to bond with your fiancé.344
  3. Get the kids involved. A wedding isn’t necessarily just about bringing two people together; it’s about bringing families together. If you have children of your own, or children from a past relationship, it’s a nice idea to involve them in the first dance. A little different and untraditional, but allowing children to take part in special parts of the wedding, helps them feel involved and united.370
  4. Recreate a movie scene Facing facts, we’ve all imaged how our first dance will be, and chances are, this dream has been influenced by a huge number of romcoms and romance novels. So how about recreating your favourite movie scene? Whether it’s a Dirty Dancing lift, You’re the one that I want Carl-Lee-350-1024x680from Grease, or a dance between a prince and a princess from your favourite childhood film, it’ll be easy to learn and there’s a lot less pressure.
  5. Do something different: The first dance symbolises your first activity as a couple. But, you could do something different for the first activity. How about something a little more quirky to show your guests just how much fun you’re having – a first lip sync battle – or keep it short, sweet and simple; a first drink: A toast to the new couple.326
  6. Impress Each Other Instead of having a first dance, the bride and groom could perform something for each other: If either or you are the musical types, perform a song for the other, write a poem or gift them with something you’ve made.
  7. Battle of the families Since the official bits are over, the first dance can be fun! So how about organising a flashmob? Have different groups of people create a dance before the event and pull them all together on the big day. So much could go wrong, but it’ll lighten the atmosphere and get everyone up on their feet. Similarly, find out who’s got the dancing genes in the new family by having a dance off. Bride and entourage vs Groom and his gang. Crack out the breakdancing moves or that one ballet move you learnt once. The battle is bound to end in laughter and smiles all round.

So how about it? Give your first dance something extra.

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