Bride Couple Outfit Ideas

It’s safe to say, the outfit choice for the wedding couple takes the most thought when it comes to the wedding prep. So for Bride Couple Outfit Ideas whether you’re a bride and groom, two grooms, or two brides, it’s going to take a lot of time trying on different attire, looking at different colours and finding the perfect style to suit your perfect day.

We’ve created a list of simple and easy-to-do ideas for the ideal Mrs & Mrs wedding outfits:

* Dress it up – If both brides are the girly type, there’s nothing to say you can’t choose girly dresses that use similar textures and shades which co-ordinate and show the two of you being united… in your hearts and in your dresses. We’ve all at some point envisioned our walk down the aisle since we were little and now’s that chance to make your fairytale come true. Be sure to not look too similar as you are both different characters: Make sure to communicate about your preferences before buying. If you want to keep your gowns a surprise for the big day, consult a mutual friend to help both of you or take advice from a stylish or wedding consultant.

* Alternatively, who’s to say you can’t wear a stylishly fitted suit with a corsage to match your bride’s dress. A suit looks sophisticated and proper. Choosing a tailored suit gives you a chance to be a little creative when choosing the shirt colour and tie, too, helping to add a little character and personality into the outfit.

* You could even wear the same suit in different, complimentary colours. Or go entirely different and both choose a suit that fits your every need and every dream.

* A loose, silk jumpsuit is great choice for an alternative wedding outfit: Whilst feeling nicely feminine, the structure will help you feel a little more comfortable whilst still looking smart and chic.

* Corsages Create unity by adding matching corsages to your outfits. That way, not only will you feel like you are a team, you’ll also have a cute keepsake for the both of you.


Not to forget the men! We’ve also created our top tips for your wedding outfits too:

* Keep it casual – Smart casual is a great look for a Summer wedding. So try out a variety of waistcoats with smart jeans and a coloured shirt. Blazers, jackets and three-piece suits can sometimes feel a little too warm and heavy, so choosing a waistcoat instead adds structure to the outfit, but helps to keep you cool and relaxed.

* Skinny Ties – For a youthful look, the skinny tie is the ideal choice. Make sure the tie is long enough to reach your belt buckle so it creates a nice line in the centre of your torso. It helps create a slimmer, taller and elegant figure.

* Bow it up – Bow ties look really smart and sophisticated so whether it’s both grooms, or just the one wearing a bow tie, it’s a great look to add. It doesn’t have to be paired with a tux, either. There’s so many styles and patterns these days that the world is your oyster.

* Play your part Make sure you don’t look identical. Your outfit should show off a part of your personality, so make sure to add personal finishing touches to your outfits and be sure to stand out from the ushers and groomsmen.

* Cuff links – If you’re wearing a long shirt, how about adding a personalised set of cufflinks? These can be personalised for each person, representing each of you in the relationship.

Add a splash of colour a little note to both brides and grooms: Show off your sexuality with pride, after all, this is your day!

So add a little rainbow into your outfit through coloured shoes, bouquets or even have a Technicolor ribbon as a belt or sash. Have rainbow confetti and have a joyous, fun and lively day.

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