Carl & Lee

Lee & Carl’s Civil Ceremony at Hassop Hall Derbyshire

It’s difficult to know where to start with Carl & Lee’s civil ceremony at Hassop Hall in Derbyshire, to say it was memorable would be an understatement! This has to be a big favourite of all the weddings I’ve photographed, I’ve never seen so much fun, frivolity and good times being had at a wedding!

I met them both about six months before their wedding in their little café in the beautiful little town of Castleton in Derbyshire. I was recommended by their wedding venue, which is always a real bonus.

After chatting with them both for about 5 minutes I felt really excited about capturing their big day, they were both so friendly, really down to earth and I thought “their day will be fabulous, I really want to photograph it for them”. Not long after that meeting they booked me, I think we all just hit it off so well!

I photographed an Engagement Shoot for them in the summer and we laughed so much, it was such fun. We also went and did a visit together at their venue and got ideas about areas to photograph their couple photos as well as the group shots.

When the big day came I felt my normal level of excitement and nervousness. This is something I have spoke to many wedding photographers about, this is apparently really common and we all agreed that it kept us alert, wanting to capture the best we could for the couple and gave us the edge of the importance each wedding deserves.

I arrived at Hassop Hall in Derbyshire in time to capture people getting ready after staying the night before. Carl & Lee hired a hairdresser to do all the hair of the flower girls and their best girl friends who were their bridesmaids. It was buzzing in the hotel upstairs, downstairs in was silent and calm. Whist photographing the chaos I also got photos of the table arrangements, flowers, cake and details of the beautiful hall.

I spent a great deal of time with Carl and Lee as they got ready together, both of them nervous and excited. Friends and family were in and out of their room, it was exciting, fun and so sweet to see all their families rallying around them. When they were finally ready we all went across the main hall for the ceremony, the hall itself is magnificent and grand in style and size.

It was wonderful to see the both of them walking hand in hand into the hall, with their dog, flower girls, page boys all in toe.

The ceremony itself was joyful and fun and with lots of good cheer, with Carl and Lee walked together as husband and husband out into the rainy Derbyshire weather. The weather throughout the day was quite dodgy and I had to get guests to come in and out whilst I tried to take all the group shots. We did finally manage to have a window of dry weather to capture the group and couple shots of Carl and Lee.

The whole day seemed to go by so quickly with a constant flow of champagne which helped the joviality continue throughout the day and into the night.

The evening meal went with a real swing with so much laughing, dancing, it was a joy to photograph. This was down to their choice of entertainer Howard Wing who will go down in my memory as the best entertainer I have seen at a wedding. With a mixture of swing singing and personalised entertainment he had everyone laughing, up on their chairs dancing, it was so much fun to photograph.

Once the meal had finished I then set up my studio for the Photo-Booth studio with props. This was so much fun, people didn’t hold back in stepping into the booth. You’ll see from the photos people were just slightly squiffy after all their champers!!

Venue ~ Hassop Hall near Bakewell in Derbyshire

Florists ~ Orchis Floral Design in Sheffield

Suits ~ Hand made by Gary Shepherd Tailoring

Entertainment ~ Howard Wing

Hairdresser ~ Personal friend.