The Christmas Proposal: 5 First Steps to Planning Your Wedding

Searching the gifts under the tree, you spot a little box with your name on. Snatching it up you unwrap the bow, tear off the wrappings and reveal the unexpected: Kneelt in front of you, your partner waits to say those precious 4 words.

5 First Steps to Planning Your Wedding

Once the tears of joy and the moment of perfection is done, there’s a wedding to plan! And we’ve got you covered with the 5 First Steps to Planning Your Wedding, first steps to planning your dream day.

  1. Celebrate

First things first, it’s Christmas! You’re getting married! Before rushing into what might seem and endless pit of stress and excitement whilst preparing everything you can for the big day, take some time to revel in the celebration with friends and family. Let everyone know every last detail and focus on family time.

  1. Set a budget and theme

When you’re finally ready to sit down and plan, the first thing you both need to agree on is the budget and theme. Money can be a problem – whether it’s for the wedding, or even just in everyday life – so take it in your stride and set the budget at the very beginning, so you know your limitations and both work accordingly.

Remember, the budget needs to be realistic, but there are plenty of ways to cut the costs with the help of friends and family, borrowing decorations and all pitching in for a buffet – rather than having all the costs on you. You don’t want to sit eating baked beans for a year in a dark house, just so you can afford the wedding!

  1. Find a venue

It might work well to choose a couple of wedding venues whilst choosing the theme, so that everything fits together for the overall picture.

5 First Steps to Planning Your Wedding

  1. Set a date

Eek! Book that venue before it’s too late! Find the dates available for the venue, and opt for the best for you. Are you looking for a summer wedding or winter?

  1. Bridemaids & Ushers

Don’t feel pressured by the number of people who suddenly decided they’re your best friends, just in the hope to be party of the bridal and groom parties! Pick a selection of your nearest and dearest, with of course your faves as the best man and maid of honour.

5 First Steps to Planning Your Wedding

Remember it’s your wedding day and your choices, and whilst there may be some disappointed faces, it’s important to choose the right people for you.

And of course, then there’s the wedding dress shopping, speeches to be written, booking the food, wedding photography and so much more! But, you’ll have your ultimate squad there every step of the way to help make the planning so much more fun and exciting!

I hope you find this helpful and inspiring, and if you have any ideas or questions please write them below and visit my FB page

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