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Destination Weddings

If you’re wanting the perfect day, with guaranteed amazing weather and beautiful views, start saving for a destination wedding!

A destination wedding not only allows you to make sure everything will be aesthetically perfect, it also gives you a little holiday and makes your special day that little bit more extraordinary.


Whether you’re wanting to be different, have guaranteed sunshine, or fancy a trip away, you need to get saving. For a destination wedding, it’s best to go all out!

Of course, one of the most popular venues for a destination wedding, would have to be Las Vegas.  Visit this huge city of lights with a few friends or family and have the time of your lives. Whilst the ceremonies tend to be quite low key and simple, the sites and experience will be one you’ll remember for a lifetime. Plus, the added bonus; you’re in a great spot for a honeymoon! Start in Vegas and tour the USA for a trip to never forget.


If you’re looking for sublime views, visit Vail Mountain in Colorado. This overwhelmingly beautiful mountain top surrounds you with views that will take your breath away. Guests will sit on wooden pews arched around the tip whilst you wed right in front of the setting. Careful the mountains don’t take away your lime light though!

Or try the Rockhouse Hotel in Jamaica. This beautiful hotel offers a unique wedding experience: Forget walking down the aisle, instead take those first steps into married life by meeting in the middle of a rope bridge overlooking a beautifully still waterside.  Be at one with the nature as you become ‘one’ together.

Looking for the sun? Try Cyprus or the Caribbean. These gloriously picturesque sites will make for a glorious day.  The perfect choice for anyone hoping for a white wedding on a sandy beach! Keep sun cream levels up though, nobody wants to be pink for the big day!

The city of love (Paris) would, of course, be another amazing choice. With plenty of choices from the Notre Dame to any venue that overlooks the Eiffel Tower, the day, photographs and atmosphere will whisk you away into a fairytale.


Lastly, Costa Rica. There can’t quite be a better place to get hitched than the world’s happiest nation. With smiles all round, amazing sites and beautiful weather, you’re set with everything you need for the big day.

Wherever you decide to have the wedding, think about savings, views, travel and of course the honeymoon!


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