Getting Ready Photographs

We all want to capture as many precious moments of our wedding as we can, so that we can treasure the memory for a lifetime.

When you’re hiring a wedding photographer, you need to have a good idea as to the style of images you’re wanting to end up with. Images that capture those smaller, more natural moments often look better than the posed group shots as it showcases raw emotions – whether it’s nerves, real laughter or just total happiness.

Whilst it’s obvious that the photographer will be frantically clicking away during the ceremony, you need to decide if you’re wanting that little bit extra from the photography of the day: Do you want to just remember the wedding, or are you wanting something a little more personal and sentimental such as shots of before and after?

Getting Ready Photographs during the prepping stages of the wedding whilst the bridesmaids, bride, groom and ushers are getting ready is actually a great place to start the day of photography as you’ll see a lot more natural emotion from all of those involved.

So, here’s some small tips for getting those preparation photographs:

Plan in advance

If you’re wanting ‘getting ready shots’, you’ll need to let your photographer know in good time so that they can plan their time accordingly. You could opt for a photography duo – so one photographer can take the men and the other can take the women, whilst both then take images at the ceremony from different angles. A nice shot is watching the father of the groom help him with his tie, or bridesmaids zipping each other’s dresses up and helping with hair; it shows a sense of unity and closeness. Of course, if you’re wanting shots like this, you might want to make sure you’re choosing a gender specific photographer if you’re not comfortable.

To help the photographers out, make sure you’ve got everything ready for the day beforehand; shoes, dress, any gifts, flowers or trinkets you’re wanting detailed pictures off. If there’s lace on your dress, you might want pictures of that; if there’s champagne, or a family heirloom around, it might be a nice idea to capture these simple things to really add a personal touch to the wedding album. The same applies for the groom; be sure to have cufflinks and ties ready!

Dressing Room

It’s nice to get ready for the big day in the comfort of your own home, so that you know you have everything you might need. Photographers will be more than happy to come to the house and create beautiful images with the space that they have. But if you’re looking for unique images with perfect backdrops (and perhaps don’t want to have to clean the house on the eve of your wedding), think about booking a hotel room or a space where the group can get ready together. Tip: Make sure whatever venue you choose has a lot of natural light so that the images are bright, fresh and help set the scene for the day.

Duo dress web

Those Little Moments

Try to plan a ‘moment’ picture with your parents. If your dad is giving you away, maybe have a few shots with him beforehand where you can capture the look on his face when he sees you in your dress. Alternatively for the grooms, every mum likes to see their little boy all grown up, so capture these moments too. It’s moments like this that you’ll want to remember forever.


Time is Ticking

Whilst it’s easy to be taken over by the excitement of having your photos taken, make sure that you consult your photographer about when they’ll arrive to take getting ready shots, and when they’ll leave for the venue. You’ll want photos of the guests arriving at the venue, and their reactions to meeting their new family members, friends, and reuniting with people they might not have seen for a while.

Let Them Do Their Thing

Wedding photographers are professionals, so trust their instincts and let them take over the photography whilst you get ready. Try not to direct every photo as you’ve got plenty more things to worry and think about! Make sure your photographer knows about your ‘must have’ photos and leave the rest to the experts. If you’ve spoken with them before the day in various consultations, they’ll know exactly what you’re looking for.

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