Glossop Wedding Venues

For an intimate, community-spirited wedding day, first try looking within your local area for a venue: If your looking for Glossop wedding venues it’s easy for guests to get to and from the celebration and you’ll be able to make beautiful memories in the place you already call home.

With Glossop situated beside the Peak District, prepare for a perfect day with amazing spots for the ceremony, wedding photography and reception.

Windy Harbour Hotel
If you’re looking to keep the occasion intimate, the Windy Harbour Hotel is a great party venue. This renovated old farmhouse is comfortable and homely, offering plenty of room to celebrate.

156-1024x664The venue is perfect for a rustic style wedding; surrounded by countryside and picture-perfect spots – ready for you to create unforgettable memories and take great photographs. There’s also a lovely garden for outdoor images, and a huge open space down the lane with a gate – often used for couple shots.

Friends and family from further away can stay at the hotel and travel home the following day, whilst local guests can travel home via cars or taxi.

The cottage style of this venue suits itself to a beautifully cosy Winter Wedding spot. It was even featured in the local newspaper when Denise and Danny were wed on a gloriously blizzardy day.

With friendly staff, easy access and beautiful views, the Windy Harbour Hotel is a perfect venue for an affordable, intimate and friendly affair.

All Saints Church
Situated in Old Glossop, this 16th Century Church is the stunning choice for any traditional, church wedding. The Church is surrounded by postcard-perfect views with a friendly feel to match.

This atmospheric venue keeps it traditional with grand, stained glass windows, stone arches and a flagstone aisle to walk down. Bell ringers and a friendly Vicar will also help to make the day feel special and unique.


Some iconic images have been taken from the Bell Ringers point – creating some striking above-angle group shots which are often requested here.

If you’re looking for a classic and traditional, winter wedding, All Saints Church is a great choice; backdrops of rolling hills, grand architecture and friendly staff, there’s nothing that could go wrong.


Mottram Church
Mottram Church is an idyllic venue for a Summer Church Wedding about ¼ hour’s drive from Glossop. Situated at the top of a hill, there’s some amazing views and backdrops for wedding photos.

This quirky church has plenty of outdoor space which is great for enjoying the fresh air and beautiful hilltop views.


Walk down the aisle to face a beautifully colourful stain glass window, whilst guests stand in intricate, wooden pews awaiting your arrival.

The Mottram Church can be seen from everywhere in Glossop, too – meaning you’ll always be reminded of your special day when at home.


Peruga Restaurant
This trendy gastro restaurant offers a modern and stylish venue with amazing food. Perfect for any foody couple, the restaurant is located ¼ hour from Glossop – making it easily accessible for guests.


Based at the top of the hill, dine in style whilst overlooking striking views of Manchester and the surrounding areas. With plenty of windows and natural light, the day will feel bright and comfortable – with tonnes of opportunity for photography.

The restaurant is ideal as a party or reception venue, whilst also being certified for weddings if you wish to keep everything in the same place.178-1024x612


Beehive Pub
A favourite for locals, this homely pub has a huge sense of community and is perfect for a close knit family wedding. Central to Glossop, this pretty, yet quirky pub has a friendly and lively atmosphere with delicious Thai food.


For many, a wedding needs to be grand and eccentric, but if you’re looking to keep things affordable, or simple and cosy, the Beehive is an ideal choice. The pub was closed for Catherine and Gareth’s wedding previously by the landlord, John, who made the day really special with decorations, amazing food and a fun, family-orientated atmosphere.

This is a great venue for anyone who’s lived in or around Glossop their whole life. Keeping it close to home is the best choice for a fun, stress-free event.


Bakewell Registrar
Whilst some of the venues mentioned are best for the receptions, the Bakewell Registrar office can host the actual ceremony. Registrar offices are great for any couple wanting to keep things simple and affordable.


Bakewell Registrar is about an hour away from Glossop and offers a variety of rooms – from a large room holding up to 30 people, to rooms a little more low key for just a few close family members.

The town of Bakewell is pretty and picturesque, too – giving more chance to take beautiful pictures to remember the day by. With weeping willows and bridges over the river, it’s an ideal place to take some amazing wedding photos.


The Village Hotel
Whilst the wedding venue is the most important, it’s also a good idea to start looking at spots for getting ready and places to stay on the Wedding night.

The Village Hotel, about half an hour from Glossop, is a great, affordable venue for preparation photos and spending the night after the party.


This brand new hotel keeps things low key and convenient; being easy to access from the M60.

Trendy, cheap and cheerful, The Village hotel is just the perfect little add-on to the wedding planning.


You can find more information about any of the above Glossop wedding venues on their websites:

Windy Harbour Hotel

Mottram Church

All Saints Church

The Beehive Pub

Peruga Restaurant

The Village Hotel

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