How to Create the wedding of your dreams

How to Create the wedding of your dreams

How to Create the wedding of your dreams

You may have recently got engaged? Now is a good time to start your wedding planning.

Visualising your big day long before it happens will have a huge impact on whether you both have the wedding day you want. Wedding Planning can be done in many ways. I’d like to offer an idea I have used in many areas of my life.

This is a written process and involves visualisation. You both want to be relaxed so you can imagine what you want in your life together. Many authors such as Paul McKenna and Anthony Robbins say that, “to create the results you want in your life, you first have to think it and visualise it.”

I suggest you do this as a couple, one at a time. Take some time together being quiet without any external distractions. Start by taking a few minutes each to tell your partner how you are and how you’re feeling. This is a time to be heard, so let each other speak without interruptions.

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Take these 4 simple steps…

1) Choose who will go first. Start by closing your eyes and taking deep breaths to help your body and mind relax. Whilst you are doing this your partner can get ready to write down what you say that you are seeing in your imagination.

Start to think and imagine your wedding day,
What can you see?
What’s around you?
With your eyes closed talk through all the things you can see, hear, smell and feel as you experience your wedding day.

You may find that you notice little details. You may also see nothing but may smell something.
For the partner writing, make sure you write it all down. Do your best to not interrupt when your partner is in full flow, if however they dry up, you can ask what else they see. When you have come to a blank and there is nothing else to see, open your eyes gently.

Now swap over.

2) Together talk through what you saw and how you felt during your visualisation. Then talk specifically about how you want your wedding to feel, look and be like.

3) There may be some questions you have that may require some research or information gathering. Start to write a list of actions you will take and when you will have done them by, this will help you to move forward with your planning. For example; “I saw us next to a beach”. You may want to start researching beach locations and venues by the end of the month.

4) The final part of this process requires you to get support. I suggest not from each other as this may be too close. It’s important for you both to have other people. Choose someone who has an interest in your wedding like a best man, bridesmaid or friend who you can talk with and get support from about your wedding planning.

Don’t forget this will be the biggest day of your lives and it will take possibly a year or more of planning!
You may want to share with them your visualisation and actions that you want to take. Factor a regular call with them, which will help to keep you motivated and support you to move forward step by step….

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