Inspiring Confetti Photographs

Inspiring Confetti Photographs

We’ve all seen those perfect photos of the bride and groom being showered in petals and confetti, and we’ve all probably wondered how it’s been done so well…

If you’re looking to achieve these amazing gravity-defying shots, here’s some ideas and tips that might help!

First off here’s four confetti shot styles to inspire you!

1. Colourful streamers can really make a great wedding photo. With the contrast between the bride’s dress and the rainbow confetti, you’ll truly get the perfect photo that screams fun and happiness. Colour confetti is great for an outdoor shot in summer.The Confetti Cloud!

2. An intimate affair with a small amount of confetti just over the bride and groom also looks effective. Have the bridesmaids scatter the confetti just above your heads for a light sprinkling confetti shot.

3. Add a little glitter to the day for a more modern approach to the confetti shot. It’s an effective shot if you look to throw a dusting of glitter towards the camera and will create an alternative image for the modern couple.

4. A Summery Style with petals will be perfect for a summer wedding!

156Once you’ve decided which shot you’ll be wanting to try, there’s three important things to think about:

Style of confetti

Whilst this might seem silly, the right confetti will make or break the image; you’ll need to decide whether you’re wanting small, natural petals, synthetic types, bubbles, paper or any other type of confetti you might know of! Of course, each will have different practicalities and each will float and fall in different ways. Small, real petals are a wedding favourite; they’re soft and light and elegantly fall to the ground – giving the photographer plenty of time to take a few shots.168

Amount of confetti

Depending on the style of shot you’re looking for, will change how much confetti you’re going to need. If you’ve always dreamed of a white winter wedding, but cannot guarantee the snow, you might want a fuller, white petal confetti shot as if the snow was falling at the perfect time! If you’re just looking for a more minimalist look, perhaps look for smaller bags of confetti and give to a few of the guests to throw into the air at the right time.



Again, it might be easy to pick up whatever confetti you can find, but in order to create the perfect confetti shot, try to take into consideration contrasts and colours that will frame the scene. You don’t want anything to take away from the moment, but you also don’t want the confetti to blend in with the background or dresses.

So those are a few things to think about before rushing to buy confetti! Speak to your photographer as it’s likely that they’ll know the perfect choices for your style.

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