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How to propose to your love this Valentines

How to propose to your love this Valentines

Valentines eve is a magical night where anything feels possible and fairy tales come true. If you are thinking about it, here is a blog all about how to propose to your love this Valentines. You have a fortnight to go!!

Some of us will take the chance to ask someone to share the rest of our lives with us. And whilst it’s scary to propose – especially on such a night – there are plenty of ways to perfect the moment before the big day.


Location & Timing

Remember a sentimental moment you both shared and recreate it: A favourite restaurant, your first date location, a family home. If you’re out for the evening or at a party, a quiet corner will add a little intimacy.

The perfect timing is crucial for the incredibly social Valentines Eve, there’s nothing worse than a cute moment being ruined by drunken friends and strangers.

Proposing earlier in the evening gives you time to celebrate for the whole night, enjoy it, savour it, this is the start of the rest of your lives!


Know Their Style

Find the best setting and style to suit your loved one. Decide on how public the proposal will be, whether it’s a simple moment between the two of you, or the focus of attention surrounded by friends and family.


Let Friends and Family Know Before

Even if it’s just a little message to keep everyone in the loop, letting friends and close family know your intentions beforehand gives them the chance to help and get excited.

A romantic tradition you might want to consider before a proposal is to ask the father for permission. This will show your respect for your partner’s family and it also helps to begin bonding with them all.


Get the Right Size Ring!

Sneakily find out their measurements so that the ring fits straight away. Talk to friends, family, or even take a ring you’ve seen them wear to a jeweller to find out the size.

Whatever you do, don’t lose it, put it in food or leave it anywhere ‘too safe’ where even you can’t find it. Keep it safe in an inside pocket of the jacket you’re wearing for the night so that you have it close to your heart till the final moment.


Practise the Words and the Knee Drop

Kneeling and asking a four word question might seem simple enough, but you’ll find a lot of people become a little tongue-tied – the last thing you need for one of the most romantic moments of your life!

Practise makes perfect, so practising the proposal will save a lot of stuttering and wobbling on the night.

Speak from the heart and tell your partner how much you love them to make the moment even more romantic and sentimental.

If you’re well organised and have planned the night to a T, hire a professional photographer for the moment would be the perfect addition; helping to keep the magic of the moment alive even in years to come.

I hope you find this interesting, if you have any ideas or questions please write them below and visit my FB page

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