Second wedding planning tips

Second wedding planning tips aren’t really something you easily will find much ideas about. A second wedding is another chance at the perfect day: A chance to make new memories, learn from mistakes and make this time even better!

It’s all about you 

With all the excitement of a wedding, we try to please everyone – from Aunties with specific menu preferences, to mums who want to pick the dress. This time it’s all about you.  Make all the decisions together and keep family members in the loop, but suggest they take a step back and let you decide things for yourselves.


Add some intimacy

Weddings can be a little showy sometimes. But it’s primarily about bringing two people together.  Sometimes, smaller is bigger and better; so streamline the guestlist to those who matter most, choose a significant location meaning something to you both, and add a little intimacy.

Make it personal

If either of you have children from another relationship get them involved. Allow their decisions to be considered and offer them roles in the ceremony – it’s a great way to build a stronger bond as the stepparent and helps create a closer family – Getting married is about unity and that includes bringing together families. If children are uncertain about the marriage, create the idea that this is ‘our wedding’ and try keep them involved.

Take it slow

Having done this before, you’re at an advantage: You know what needs organising and when. So make the wedding more successful by taking the planning slow. Work as a team and take your time: Offer compromises and make sure each other’s opinions are heard. That way the finished product will be a bigger success.


Colour it
White is the most common colour for a wedding, resembling perfection and purity. But adding alternative colours can help change the tone of the day.  Golden oranges represent joy and happiness as well as passion, desire and love. Alternatively, blue and white create a classy and sophisticated colour-scheme, symbolising trust, loyalty, faith and stability – the perfect combination for marriage.

Show your playful side

Don’t take the day so seriously; the important thing is that you’re surrounded by loved ones, celebrating something really special. So have some fun, stress less and embrace any issues. Allow embarrassing relatives to make funny speeches, create icebreakers or mini games for the tables at the reception to encourage people to open up and create new friendships and just enjoy the show.  As for the photography, make it fun! Ask the photographer if they have any ideas for group poses and even set up a fancy dress photoshoot space!



Honeymoon: A trip of a lifetime
With the first wedding, most of the money goes into the big day. But with more preparation and slower planning, you have more time to save for the honeymoon. So travel the world and see the places you’ve always wanted to see: take a picnic in the Grand Canyon, travel around Africa, spend some quality time with the one you love and create your own little fairytale beginning.

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