The importance of bridesmaids

The importance of Bridesmaids

The importance of Bridesmaids cannot be under estimated!

Bridesmaids generally feature at every wedding I photograph. Some are old friends, some are sisters and some are little girls who tend to be flower girls. I get a sense from most of them that the importance of them is not quite understood unless you’re a bride. I’m not sure about you but I know my oldest and dearest friends have been with me through thick and thin and have been there to celebrate my highs and support me during the lows. To have them at the wedding is not only saying thank-you to them for being there but also “be with me now as I step through into another chapter of my life.”

Bridesmaids are also there from the very start, they’ll be the first ones to know she’s just got engaged and when the wedding will be. They will be there to help her choose her dress and of course the bridesmaids dresses and colours and they will of course organise the Hen Do and hopefully get her back to her hotel in one piece.

The importance of bridesmaids

The importance of bridesmaids

I’m really excited to be a bridesmaid for the first time next year at the grand old age of 44! I want to make sure I take the responsibility of it seriously as well as making sure Becky the bride has a ball!

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