Unique Wedding Transport Ideas

So, you’ve got the dress, the cake and the venue sorted. But how are you going to get there? Transport to and from the wedding, not to mention transport to the reception is a crucial part of the planning process. Whether you’re planning to go casual, or out with a bang, it needs to be considered to prevent confusion on the day!

First off, think about yourselves. How do you want to arrive to the big day? Do you want to keep it simple and drive there with a relative? Hire a black cab? Or do something a little different? Next, whilst it’s not compulsory to organise transport for guest, it’s always nice to see what’s out there should the venue or guests require it.


For those of you wanting something a little different, here’s a selected few for you to think about:

For the guests:

Vintage Bus

A vintage bus would be perfect for any couple with a joint friendship group. Everyone can climb on board the bus and not worry about car sharing or public transport. Plus, the bus will attract the attention of every passer-by, making you feel like your special day is even better! Alternatively, try a shuttle bus – these quirky yet simple vehicles are perfect for transporting big groups of guests to and from the wedding. You could even leave each guest a gift on the bus for the way home.


Stretch Limos

Make your guests feel like VIPs on their way to the venue with stretch limos. Prepared with champagne and perhaps confetti for afterwards, this is the perfect give-back treat to the bridal party or parents of the soon-to-be married couple.


For the Bridge & Groom:

Sports Car

Go true James Bond by arriving in a colourful and sleek sports car. Ideal for the contemporary wedding in any modern venue, a sports car would really complete to style of the whole day. If the wedding is held by a lake, switch the sports car for a speed boat! Keeping with the James Bond theme, you’ll really turn heads as you cruise along.


Classic Car

Whether you’re a fan of the classic BMW or the old-type Beetle or campervan, go out in style by arriving in a blast from the past to ensure you’re the envy of all your guests.


Horse and Carriage

Make the day a truly fairytale moment by arriving in a horse and carriage. Attend the ball like Cinderella (but hopefully you’ll leave with both shoes!)

There’s nothing more that could make the day feel special than being driven to your big day in a horse and carriage. Whether is a glass roofed box with fairy lights, or an open top trailer, the journey to your wedding will be enjoyable and stress free. You’ve done all the hard work, now it’s time for the driver to do some!

If you’re planning a Winter Wonderland wedding, why not swap the carriage for a sleigh? The perfect accessory for a festive wedding.


Tractor or Trailer

If you’re going for a country wedding theme, who’s to say you can’t arrive on a tractor or old school wagon? Decorate a trailer or wagon with flowers and ribbons and you’ve got yourself a beautifully rustic, open top float, perfect for the summer wedding! Just don’t forget to make sure you’ve got the ‘just married’ poster on the back with tin can streamers!

Not to mention how great the photo opportunities will be!

Helicopter, golf buggy or even a tandem bike, whatever you choose; make sure it’s personal to you and your partner, ensuring you arrive safely, calmly and excited!


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