Wedding Keepsakes Ideas

For many of us, our wedding will be one of the most important and exciting days. We’ll want to cherish every moment of it and make it a memory to keep forever.

Adding personal touches to your day, and organising keepsakes for yourselves and your guests is a great way of keeping the atmosphere of the day alive in everyday life.

Giving each guest something to take home is a nice way to say ‘thank you’ for being part of your special day. It will make them feel valued and help them to remember the occasion.

Name Card Alternatives – Keep it simple and easy to manage when it comes to leaving your guests a personal memento. If you’re planning on having a seating plan at your reception, how about using lovespoons and decorating them with each person’s name? Alternatively, for something a little more useful and elegant, personalised wine glasses. Just a little something to make each guest feel involved.

Favours – Favours tend to be little something like sweets etc that each guest gets to take home. There’s tonnes of online boutiques available that will create personalised boxes with old-school bags of sweets which are both delicious and nostalgic!

Flower Arrangements – If you’re having flower arrangements on each table, try make your own. Using fake flowers gives you loads more freedom when it comes to colours and arranging them, and using old jars and glass bottles with coordinating ribbons adds a lovely finishing touch to the table. Guests are then welcome to take home a jar or bottle of flowers.

As bride and groom, you’ll want to relive the beautiful day over and over again. Talk to your photographer about capturing different moments of the day – from those little behind the scene moments and natural style photos such as guests laughing and chatting, to more organised pieces like group photos and images of the venue.

Not only will you want to remember the day, you’ll want to remember who was around to witness the day and join in the ceremony. A wedding is all about unity and bringing two families together and capturing moments in which this is happening is perfect.


Scrapbooks and Canvases – Instead of having a simple guestbook, how about preparing a scrapbook or canvas for everyone to sign. Leave space for images and keepsakes so you can relive the day in all its original glory. Allow guests to write messages about the happy couple, your friendships or simply just about the day itself. All the comments will help you to remember the great day that not only you, but your friends and family had.


Flickr – Using flickr is a great way to collect images from everyone. It’s unlikely anyone at the event will have had the time to talk and have fun with everyone, so by allowing everyone to upload their images into one account gives you the chance to relive the moments you may not have experienced fully. Everyone will be able to upload, access and save the photos from the day – allowing everyone to remember the day from a whole new perspective.

Adding those little extra touches will help everyone to remember the day for a lifetime.

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